This is no fun

What’s it like living with type 2 diabetes, afterall, lots of people have it?

Well for me its been a shock to the system. Where I used to take walking, cycling and driving for granted, they’re gone or vastly reduced now. Neuropathic pain brought on by the diabetes means I can only walk a short distance even with the aid of a stick. I miss driving. If I could afford a car with an automatic ‘box I’d get one, but holding the clutch is a pain after a while.

I lay awake most nights waiting for the drugs to kick in. I miss going to the gym.
I fall asleep during the day, and some days I can’t get out of bed at all, either because of then pain in my legs and feet or because I am exhausted because I did some vacuuming or mowed the lawn the day before.

But I am most grateful to my wife and kiddies, without them I couldn’t carry on.

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