Observations of a blown mind


17th November 2012

For regular visitors to my blog you’ll know I am a family man. A man very proud of his family. I have a lovely wife and five children who are my everything. Each of them are characters. Apart from a small mention here and there I don’t really talk about them here in internet-land.

My daughter is the eldest at 8 years, then there is boy 1 (aged 6), boy 2 (aged 5), boy 3 (aged 3) and daughter 2 (18 months).

Boy 1 has put me and the wife through the mill, bless him, through no fault of his own. When he was 8 weeks old he had an aneurysm removed from his brain the size of which physicians had never seen in a child. So we’ve always been rather attentive to him, perhaps more than some parents may be? As he grew older we noticed he was, shall we say, a bit different. Very particular about things, unable to cope with change or loud noises. So we began the process of getting this checked out.

He’ll be 7 next month and we’re no closer, he has elements on the autism spectrum which has been recognised, but that is as far as we have got. Rather frustrating to say the least.

It can be a very difficult ‘disability’ to live with, for all concerned. See Keith Duffy’s account in the Daily Mail.

But I realised after a recent conversation with my Mrs that I really don’t know anything at all about Autism other than my immediate experiences with my son. So I aim to educate myself, and I thought it would do no harm to share it with you. I hope it will generate interest and discussion. If you’re reading this and love a child that has autism and want to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments or wish to email me to share please do!


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