A zombie themed movie shot by students at Cern’s Large Hadron Collider is now available to watch in full online. The 75 minute film was directed and written by PhD physics student Luke Thompson and follows a group of students trapped underground at the world’s largest particle accelerator as malfunctioning equipment turns scientists into zombies. Decay took two […]


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Turning Tokyo’s daily commute into Art. Michael Wolf  is a German photographer based in Hong Kong, hiswork is influenced by life and architecture of mega cities. “Many of his projects document the architecture and the vernacular culture of metropolises.”You can see a previous post on his series Architecture of Density…

Urban leg-end

This image of a can of Diet Coke with Bacon floats around on the internet, like a ‘greasy Joe’s special’ on a Sunday morning after a night on the tiles. It even has a Facebook page, along with numerous article posts showing its Bacon and Coke glory. Sure enough the picture exists; but does the actual […]

Immortalised Electronically

The 172nd birthday of Auguste Rodin, widely thought to be the father of modern sculpture, has been celebrated with a Google doodle. Unless you use Bing or Dogpile (Ha you remember that?) you have probably seen the above Google doodle already today. But who is this gentleman? Well…. French sculptor Auguste Rodin‘s birthday is being celebrated […]