An Unoriginal Story

  Fact of the matter is there are many religions, and similar stories, which predate Christianity that hold remarkable similarities to the JC doctrine. A bit like many other folk stories.  

Questions from readers

I have resisted the urge until now to write anything about the supposed impending end of the world as, to be honest, I thought it was clear that it was never going to occur; but a number of emails and a friend of mine (yes you Micha) prompted me to realise some folks are very […]

Oh Mummy

It’s behind you! No this is not a scene from the annual christmas panto at the BIC. Though I am sure the old cliche will undoubtedly be uttered, no this article is all about those scary looking mummified remains or  ‘Mummies” you know the ones that would sneak up behind the hero or heroine in […]

New section

The eagle-eyed readers and fans of 100U4M will have spotted a new section to your far right called “What is Truth?“. The basic idea of this section and its sub-pages is to make ‘believers’ think by looking at doctrines, beliefs, et al, and discuss them alongside Science. Religious? Atheist? Head over there now. Why? Simply […]

The 1st thing Vampire children are taught is: ‘Never run with a wooden stake!’

There are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Vampire legends throughout human history. Almost every culture on the face of our earth has some kind of myth or story about undead, blood-sucking creatures that relate back to Vampire mythology. Understandably these legends are not all consistent with one another perhaps because of cultural differences, but that […]