Observations of a blown mind

B.R’s Story

“Thank you for shunning me”

Few things in life are as priceless as perspective. Looking back over the 25 years spent as a Jehovah’s Witness, I have few regrets. It’s unfortunate that one bothers me from time to time, like it is today. I’ve come to realise that people can kill the body but we have to give them our mind. How does a person do that?

People are never aware when they are under the influence of cult-like MIND CONTROL. Though that has happened to millions, what they do not understand is that when they give their lives to a religious organization such as the JW’s, claiming it speaks for God, believing it’s God’s only direct channel of communication, they also put their lives up for sale.

I began to live at the expence of a religious Governing Body’s agenda. I was offered a Spiritual Paradise, in return, the ‘entrance fee’ had a hefty price. Once in, to maintain my status within the ‘Paradise’, I had to work for their ‘Printing Publishing Company’, knocking on doors offering religious literature which helped persuade householders ‘into the Flock’. I had to maintain that ‘entrance fee’ to remain in what they call ‘good standing’. The more you do, the brighter you shine, the brighter you shine, the more elated you feel. You strive to grow, you think spiritually, but in your heart and mind you know it’s for position and prominance within the system. The treadmill never stops.

A person is persuaded into the religion by accepting a ‘free’ home bible study. The religion’s literature indoctrinates. The mind is ‘tricked’ into their belief system and you then become the property of their Governing Body. You are taken CAPTIVE of a concept that in effect says “We speak for Christ; He directs the religion; This is God’s Organization.” THEY OWN YOU. Drift away or leave the organization for any reason and one loses their life long friends and family members. Never to be spoken with again until ‘one returns ~~ if one returns’.

Also, should anyone fail to meet their religious requirements they are thrown off of their ARK and out of their Kingdom. I would rather be loyal to God and His Spirit of Love than to made to feel justified for the attitude of cold heartedness and extreme aversion that the Watchtower organization inspires toward those it disfellowships. Their policy of shunning is very cruel.

SO, their system is based on ‘WORKS’. Whatever you can do to keep their ARK afloat. It is governed by obedience and punishment, instilling a strong fear of authority verses the ‘Kingly Law of Love and Understanding’ Jesus taught people to cultivate in their lives.

Once I left the system, I was SHUNNED By All.


It’s a nice reminder that I’ve left a soul destroying religion. One that claims to represent and exemplify Christianity but acts contrary to it. I will never have to EARN God’s Love again through religion knowing God’s Love Flows Freely with NO price tag attached. I no longer live in a cold shadow under someone’s microscope and scrutiny. God has pulled me out of Darkness into His Wonderful Light ( 1 Peter 2:9 ) and closer to Him personally. I will Rest in the Comfort of the Holy Spirit the rest of my days here on Planet Earth. ( 2 Cor 3:17,18 ).


Many thanks BR, a freshingly honest account of the injustice’s a so-called Christ-like Organisation practices – Chris


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