Are employers ignoring autistic school leavers?

Young adults on the autism spectrum face tough prospects for jobs and independent living For young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), making the transition from school to the first rites of independent adult life, including a first job and a home away from home, can be particularly challenging. Two newly published studies show precisely […]

Researchers discover one potential cause of autism

Key enzymes are found to have a ‘profound effect’ across dozens of genes linked to autism, the insight could help illuminate environmental factors behind autism spectrum disorder and contribute to a unified theory of how the disorder develops Problems with a key group of enzymes called topoisomerases can have profound effects on the genetic machinery […]

Science and the roots of faith

Men, scientists, professors and the British are less likely to believe in God than women, children and Americans. Many children attribute magical properties to physical objects. In one unkind experiment, infants were persuaded that a scientist had invented an apparatus that made an exact duplicate of any article placed inside it. Their favourite stuffed animal […]

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It’s been there for a while, but I have recently updated parts of it and added a few video’s. I speak of the section entitled Autism. I implore you to please take some time to read through it. Click here. Thank you.