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How to become a Zombie

Here's something I knocked up earlier.

Here’s something I knocked up earlier.


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Sorry for the lack of action on the blog in recent weeks. My illness has gotten the better of me which has meant the last thing I have wanted to do was sit in front of a PC.

To make up for it, watch this artist at work!

A request

Because it will more than amuse me!

Because it will more than amuse me!


For the hoarders


Fun with Google

google search

Those guys at Google eh? You gotta love ’em!

Bored, fed up, work getting you down? Try Googling the following terms;

  1. Search for “anagram”
  2. Search for “Ascii Art”
  3. Search for “define anagram”
  4. Search for “do a barrel roll” or “Z or R twice”
  5. Search for “recursion”
  6. Search for “tilt” or “askew” using a Webkit based browser (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Epiphany, or Android/iOS built-in browsers) or a recent version of Firefox (7+), makes the page ‘lean’ to the right a bit. Searching for “untilt” puts it right back.
  7. Search for “hanukkah”
  8. Search for “kwanzaa”
  9. Search for “kerning” or “keming”
  10. Search for “binary”. This also works with other number systems such as “hexadecimal” and “octal”.
  11. Search for “qingming festival” (or 清明节)
  12. Search for “zerg rush” returns a search page with ‘O’s eating the search results. Clicking each ‘O’ three times kills it.
  13. Search for “conway’s game of life”
  14. Search “Bacon Number *name*” Displays the bacon number of a famous actor. Searching “Bacon number Kevin Bacon” gives a result of 0.
  15. Search for horror or halloween
  16. Search for “festivus”
  17. Search for “Christmas”

If you find anymore, let me know. I need to be the coolest in the lab eh?

Banana Museum

“They say laughter is good for the soul…”

Don’t be dumb!

Thank you Australia!


“Ya bloody Wombat, You must be the World’s only living brain surgeon!” “Yeah he’s so stupid that he wouldn’t know a tram was up him ’til the bell rang!” “He’s deffo got a few roos loose in the top paddock.”

Richard Pryorisms

Succinct logic by a very funny man – Chris


Rise From Your Tomb! Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie Remixed

Mwah ha ha haaar!

Funny as….

This made me actually LOL, brilliant!