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Video of Felix B’s jump from the edge of space

I have so much respect for this guy, but he is very lucky to have the opportunity through sponsorship. Hey Red Bull I want to moon on the moon! What do you reckon?

Enjoy the video folks – Much Love.



The Felix Baumgartner jump…in Lego

This made me properly laugh-out-loud. Brilliant!

Congratulations Felix & the RedBull Stratos Team!

Awesomeness! Felix has done it … the world’s highest freefall record is his. Mint!
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Breaking the sound barrier!

What a rush! I have total respect to all involved, what an exciting achievement. It’s my hope this is just the beginning of Corporate Sponsored Science, and that future projects will benefit from the undoubted excitement the RedBull Stratos project has brought about. It proves that Science is Awesome. Hopefully kids will now be pestering their parents for all sorts of kit for Christmas, and if you are a parent then go out and buy your kid a science kit, a home rocket, anything to really ‘get them involved’.

Too often we complain about our schools not doing enough to help young entrepreneurs, thinkers, inventors, experimentors, artists, musicians and dancers. Well I challenge you dear reader to do something about it!

Get out there, do something yourself. Create, imagine, and encourage others to do the same! Make it your goal next week to speak positively about a scientific subject to your work colleagues. Parents this is a fantastic opportunity to encourage your children, who knows they could be the next Einstein, Newton, Darwin or Faraday.

Don’t procrastinate, experiment, learn, and share!

Much love.