Predicting who will have chronic pain

Abnormalities in brain axons predispose people to chronic back pain after injury   Abnormalities in the structure of the brain predispose people to develop chronic pain after a lower back injury, according to new Northwestern Medicine┬« research. The findings could lead to changes in the way physicians treat patients’ pain. Most scientists and clinicians have […]

Binoculars to reduce pain?

Yes, it turns out that you can use binoculars to reduce pain in your aching limbs. Just looking through the binoculars at the affected limb decreases the pain considerably, but, and here’s the interesting part, it will happen only if you look at it from the wrong end of the binoculars, thus making the image […]

Diabetes – behind enemy lines

For most people diabetes is a familiar name for a far too common disease, for others its something that they live with everyday, managed with diet and tablets. But for others it’s a painful disease that has adversely affected almost every aspect of their lives. It’s different for each individual, my GP says I’ve had […]