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  • want equality for women, homosexuals and all races of mankind.

  • operate on rational thinking

  • shown in polls to be more religion-literate than religious people

  • are moral because ‘It is the right thing to do’

  • shown in polls to be more closely associated with higher education than religious people

  • are critical of dubious claims

  • happy to change their mind on any topic if the evidence supports it


  • believe the bible is the infallible word of god

  • believe that homosexuality is a sin, and that homosexuals will burn in hell

  • believe women should not have the right to decide what happens to their own bodies

  • believe that atheists will burn in hell for their non-belief

  • believe that women must be subservient to men; cannot teach; their only salvation is through childbirth

  • believe that contraception is a sin

  • believe that a woman was the cause of the original sin

  • believe that they have the ‘right’ god

  • believe that respect for their religious views is more important than the respect for any other religious or non-religious views

  • do not ‘believe’ in highly substantiated scientific theories such as Evolution and an old Earth

  • hypocritically use products of science on a daily basis while not ‘trusting’ science

  • believe in a single point of view (that they were indoctrinated from birth) and refuse to change it no matter what evidence or observations come to light

  • are ‘moral’ because a book tells them to be



A moral act is one that decreases individual human suffering and/or betters societal well-being, justice, freedom and equality.

An immoral act is one that increases human suffering and is a detriment to societal well-being, justice, freedom and equality.

A sinful act is one that defies or violates religious doctrine or “God’s Will”, whether that act is moral or not.

Calling something “sinful” gives absolutely no moral weight to it, because it disconnects the thought or action from any real human condition.

Millions of people who “live in sin” are in fact moral. Millions of others use “God’s Will” to perpetuate gross immoral behaviour.

So, stop worrying about being a “sinner.” It has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you are a good person.



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Educating the Theist’s


If a Theist claims he does not “believe in science” it is because he refuses to understand what science actually is.

Science is not a religion

Scientific theories adapt when new evidence is discovered. It is self-correcting. Religious texts can never be amended, even when they are proven to be blatantly wrong.

Science does not require faith

It is not something you “believe in” as you would believe in a god or the loch ness monster. ie, something that exists. It is something you believe in because it demonstrates its validity through evidence, data, observation and reason.

Science is not separated from our lives

It is not just an academic discipline or endeavour, It is not the discussion of ideas for the sake of ideas. It explains our world and is the only discipline or subject that explains it in a comprehensive manner. We use it every day in every thing we do. Not because we actively try to, because we all function under the same universal laws.

Science does not impose its beliefs onto the universe

Science is merely a tool we use to understand how the universe operates, and through it, the workings of the cosmos reveal themselves to us. Unsupported conjectures and claims should not be simply accepted as ‘Truth’ and science makes no conclusion until the evidence supports it.

You can stop believing in gravity, but the apple will always fall from the tree.