Tackling those pesky JW’s


They knock on your door at the most inconvenient of times, approach you when you’re shopping and pop up with the most annoying of questions. But rather than just tell them you’re not interested and have them call back again in earnest to ‘convert’ you on another day, have a read of this.

Who is Jehovah?

Before Jehovah became Yahweh he was worshipped by the Canaanites as the god called El and was married to the goddess Ishtar and had a son called Baal. El was the head of a pantheon of gods and godesses (Yahweh was one of the seventy children of El), it was only much later that the name was used as a title to describe a generic god. So if El is a false god, the question arises; why honour him in bible characters names?  Consider just a few examples; we have Daniel, Israel, Michael, Nathaniel etc. Consider too, the fact that the bible character Jacob was named Israel by Jehovah himself, and this was at a time when the Canaanites were still worshipping El as a chief of a plethora of pagan gods! Again we need to know why would he do that if he was giving praise to a pagan god? Perhaps popular local customs just slipped in to the bible writers recording?

Jehovah is actually an inaccurate translation of the hebrew name Yahweh. The witnesses pride themselves in their own translation of the bible and yet they’ve got it wrong. Perhaps changing their stationary is just too expensive?

The name Jehovah is actually a man made invention. As near as we can tell the ‘divine name’ is YHWH. But there is no human on earth knows what the vowels were. Jehovah is in fact a latinisation of the Hebrew יהוה (YHWH) who was the national god of the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel and Judah. It was not until 1270 that Raymundo Martini inserted the vowels from the word “Adonai” that the name Yahweh or “Jehovah” was created. So, the hebrew god’s name was not Jehovah. Which means that it was never uttered by any jew including Jesus or his apostles. There is not a single manuscript that shows this name. So where did it come from? Simply put, using Raymundo Martini’s ‘observations’ and other pagan and ‘false religious’ works and references, it was borrowed and inserted by the Watchtower.


Meindert Dijkstra, “El the God of Israel, Israel the People of YHWH: On the Origins of Ancient Israelite Yahwism” (in “Only One God? Monotheism in Ancient Israel and the Veneration of the Goddess Asherah”, ed. Bob Becking, Sheffield Academic Press, 2001)

Wikipedia – Yahweh (Ancient Israel & Judah) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahweh#Ancient_Israel_and_Judah

Further reading:

Check out Yahweh on Wikipedia, it is enlightening.

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