Observations of a blown mind


A haiku is a dense little nugget of poetry with some very simple rules: it has to be three lines, and those lines have to be five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables. That’s it. Of course, there has to be some poetic merit. It can’t just be 17 syllables chopped into three bits. But it can be about anything.

So why not Zombies? 
Thanks for all your submissions over the past few months. If you have anymore you wish to share email me.

Playing fetch with Spot
is dangerous when the bones
he brings back still move.
I hunger for your
delicious cerebellum.
Where’s the ice cream scoop?
Wading, the fish nip
and nibble off my ankles.
Oh, God! Zombie fish!
I felt your lips, teeth
brush against my shoulderblade,
but it was not love.
Isn’t that our dead
garbage man? I wish he would
throw himself away.
Zombie Bruce Springsteen
was not “Born to Run”; no, he
was born to eat brains.
They stumble away
from my worm-eaten visage.
My feet are freezing.
Autumn’s bold decay
cannot stop the oncoming
waves of undead flesh.
Mother? Is that you?
How did you get out of your
casket? Ouch! Argh! Ahh–
Just a little bite,
my single-minded purpose
brains, brains, brains, brains, brains.
Desolate wasteland,
Howling wind spreads putrid stench,
Wish I’d brought the gun.
Is that shuffling shape
a zombie? An old man. Stop
watching zombie films.
I thought he had been
lost or run over. Turns out
zombies ate my cat.
The zombie lurches
into our living room door.
That stupid George Bush.
Do not go gentle
into that good night! Rage, rage
‘gainst the shambling dead!
Flesh falling off me
Your head will be devoured
I eat my friend, Jim
I’m not a zombie.
Is that thing lumbering here?
I am Bit, I feed.
I hunger for brains,
Dragging broken limbs behind,
I join the frenzy.
Without my rifle
I would definitely die
But I’d still have a knife
Walking, rotting flesh
a mobile home for maggots
smells worse than grandma
a hunger for brains
fresh piping hot from the skull
needs more garlic salt
zombies defecate
the cycle begins anew
stool searches for brains
Death, If I wonder
staring through the dark, thirsting
no more tearing death
Not thinking clearly
I feel a chill, then hunger
So cold. So hungry.
Crowding in the street
The zombies shuffle their feet
No one left to eat
Dismembered zombies
Heads roll around on the floor.
Soccer, anyone?
Stumbling along
Craving tasty gray matter
My bite worse than bark
Zombies shuffling
Doing the dance of the dead
Two left feet – no lie!
Zombies, zombies suck
They eat people in the night
Yummm people!
Lone and sad zombie
Does flesh fill the empty void?
Look, I rot for thee!
Oh My God Zombies
are coming. Run Run Run Run
Oh wait, you are slow
Look like a zombie
do I. But I am not one.
I will kill you though.
I lost my zombie!
Oh where, oh where can he be?
Eating my neighbor!?
Zombies are no fun,
When you see one you must run,
Or shoot with your gun.
I was once but a
little boy playing catch with
my new zombie Dad.
Zombie, Oh Zombie
Why was death on vacation
on your dying day?
A zombie I spy
with my little eye. He is
using my iPod
The vegan zombie
cares not for sweet grey matter
they cry out for graaaaaaaaaaains!
I am a zombie
covered with slime, brain matter
who shot me again!?
They will eat your brains,
with no remorse for humans,
Watch out, they are here!
That shotgun won’t work
unless you aim for the head
Brain matter splatter
sinews twist and tear
rotting muscles feel no pain
at the breaking point
in the depths of graves unmarked
horror stirs unknown
What was that then, did
you hear it, it was a moan,
what moans like that, Argh.
mommy raised from the dead
her skin has started to flake
here we go again
“Us I am afraid”
The answer I had feared
Asking what they ate
The spirit is now gone
the flesh decays, the mind blank
life, death, meaningless
Ancient revenant
Disentombed beneath dark skies
Vengeance shall be thine
Instinct squeezing tight
Implores bloodlust in the mind
All consuming thought
Why do they haunt me
A constant waking nightmare
Moaning night and day
Spat forth from the depths
Of hell seeking mortal flesh
This post mortal hate
Final resting place
Where the ground stirs underfoot
Final rest no more
Twisted dance of death
Whose dark steps forsake us all
On those rotten feet
They won’t get in here
But those outside are alive
Lord what have we done?
I have a hatchet.
Good blades don’t need reloading.
Learn to cut off heads.
I am here my love
To end your eternal sleep
Let my words revive
Chemical agent
From the skies you soak the dead
They shall live once more
What haunts the zombie
as it roams from town to town?
Again no parking!
Oh, friend, lasting friend,
you have taken a mouthful.
I am whole no more.
Kill all the zombies
shoot their face with a boomstick
go do it again
Nothing more terrible
than zombie adolesence . . .
except Grandpa’s breath.
The shuffle of feet
The smell of rotting muscle
I am a zombie?
My moan sends terror
At night I seek nourishment
By consuming BRAINS!
Winning a battle
of biting with a zombie.
Pyhrric victory.
Got to love zombies
Watching them eat hearts and brains
SCREAMS in-die-gestion
Zombies came calling.
They refused tea and crumpets.
I’m losing my mind!

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