Observations of a blown mind

What is Truth?

Truth; a Verified or Indisputable fact

Truth is not subject to opinions, tradition, scripture or authority.

  • Truth is verification of what is written or said against the context or circumstances within which that utterance or inscription takes place.
  • Truth is the process of uncovering what is hidden. Heidegger points out that the Greek word for truth: aletheia means this.
  • Truth is a quality of the intellect as it discerns reality as it is.
  • Truth is epic.

Religion vs Science

So, on the following sub-pages I’d like to discuss various beliefs and show how they cannot possibly be accurate. The information is freely available to all, I have just pulled it together in to one tidy place.

The basic idea is to make ‘believers’ think. Why? Simply put because I was kept in the dark for many years and never questioned my faith – why would they lie to me? It is also my sincere hope that members of my immediate family will take a look and consider what they read.

When my eyes were opened, thanks to conversation, true unbiased research, a lot of reading and a cleansing of my brain from years of doctrination – I saw the fuckin’ light! 

I hope that if you are a ‘man of faith’ this humble blog will at the least make you think. I fear though that in the words of the 90’s band EMF “The things you say, you’re unbelievable!” will be the typical response.

But hey, if you had the cure for Cancer you would share it wouldn’t you?

Read on….


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